Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise Ship Injury

Maritime Injury Lawyers for Injured Cruise Ship Passengers & Crew Members in Louisiana

Taking a cruise is meant to be relaxing, and it can be the adventure of a lifetime. However, if you’re the victim of an injury aboard a cruise ship, you need our representation. There’s a lot more to winning a legal case when it comes to cruise line accidents. Although cruise ships have a duty of care to their passengers and crew, they may not always want to pay damages.

Our team of legal professionals are ready to go to bat for you. As ship accident attorneys, we are familiar with the statutes, maritime regulations and the timeline involved for filing a winning case. There are many variables to consider when you’re injured, like payment of medical bills or missed days at work. We will help you every step of the way when it comes to compensation for accident-related services. You should never have to pay for your own medical care due to the ship’s negligence.

When you think of taking a cruise, then you may not be aware of the dangers that exist. Ships provide plenty of opportunities to trip, fall or hit your head, especially during foul weather. There are strangers on board who may be looking for someone to steal from, which could end in violence. You may become ill from food or a virus that’s highly contagious, or you might be involved in an accident while you’re on a shore excursion.

No matter what kind of injury you have, don’t allow the insurance company to force you into accepting a claim payment. You need a lawyer to fight for your right to full compensation to cover your pain and suffering, lost property or missed time at work. Contact us today for help with your cruise ship accident.

How do federal laws regarding offshore injuries protect individuals on a cruise ship or on a port of call? Passengers can expect a high level of legal protection for their cruise ship accident.

Our team at The Voorhies Law Firm can help you examine your options and assert your rights if you have sustained an injury while on a cruise ship. We understand that a cruise ship injury or accident can differ from a typical personal injury lawsuit and can be much more complex factoring in federal, local, and Louisiana law. With that said, having a strong legal advocate by your side can make a big difference in the quality of your future when dealing with a cruise ship accident. Cruise ship injury lawsuits can be subject to a small window on the statute of limitations, so contacting our offshore injury lawyers quickly is crucial

Cruise ships are considered "common carriers", and they are held to higher standards and regulations when keeping their passengers safe. If a cruise ship carrier is negligent in providing a safe environment, they can be held liable for any resulting cruise ship accident damages.

The Voorhies Law Firm lawyers are prepared to handle cases involving cruise ship injuries such as:

  • Sexual assault in which the offender is a crew member or a fellow passenger allowed to drink too much alcohol
  • Slip and fall accidents caused by dangerous surfaces
  • Dock accidents when boarding the cruise ship
  • Injuries and accidents caused by an intoxicated crew member or passenger
  • Robbery or assault
  • Trip and fall accidents caused by obstacles or uneven decks
  • Accidents that occur during onshore excursions approved as part of the cruise experience
  • Food poisoning
  • Accidents occurring on or near pools or water slides
  • Norovirus infections and other ailments caused by unsanitary conditions
  • Burn injuries, smoke inhalation injuries, and other injuries caused by a fire on board the cruise ship

Our Team is Here to Protect Your Rights if You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship

If you were hurt on a cruise, you could be entitled to serious compensation for your injuries, including missed wages, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the cruise ship injury. Our personal injury law team at The Voorhies Law Firm is prepared to fight aggressively for you in your Louisiana offshore injury lawsuit.

There are many reasons to choose to work with a New Orleans personal injury lawyer from our law firm. We are experienced, well-resourced, and equipped. Our attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our injured clients, and we are ready to put this proven record to work for you. Learn more when you call The Voorhies Law Firm today to schedule your no-cost consultation with a member of our highly rated legal team.

You don't pay any legal fees until we recover compensation on your behalf!

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